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Residential Preventative Maintenance Program

 Keeps Your Home at the Desired Temperature Set Point All Year Long

Our residential preventative maintenance program keeps HVAC off your list of household chores. If you’re a typical household, you have a “honey do” list that grows faster than you can cross off items as completed. Let Morelli keep heating and cooling concerns off your list. We’ll visit your home twice a year to make sure it’s comfortable. In the spring, we’ll tune up your cooling unit. In the fall, we’ll check out your heating unit.

The family budget is tight and we know HVAC is a significant investment. That’s why we offer the residential preventative maintenance program. Members get the following money saving benefits:

  • 100% labor coverage for twice per year preventative maintenance visits
  • 10% off parts and materials to repair damage and replace worn components
  • 10% off if you need to see us for any reason between service calls
  • VIP Priority Service for club members

The Homeowner Benefit of Preventative Maintenance

Members of the residential preventative maintenance program have seen the life of their heating and cooling units extended. The last thing you want is a premature replacement from a minor issue that takes down your whole unit. Instead, our NATE certified technicians jump on these issues early.

Sometimes a unit doesn’t immediately fail, but it becomes gradually inefficient over time. You may have seen your monthly utility bills going up even though you haven’t changed your heating or cooling settings. A preventative maintenance visits gets your unit operating back at its peak efficiency. An inefficient heating or cooling unit should never waste the money you spend on energy.

Rest assured, you can provide us notice of your desire to cancel if at any point you are not satisfied. But our long-term customers in the residential preventative maintenance program have proven that it works. What are you waiting for? Call 843.554.8600 to become the next happy member of the residential preventative maintenance program today.

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