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Stay Comfortable All Year Long with Heat Pump Repair

Because they provide both heating and cooling, heat pump breakdowns can be a major inconvenience any time of the year. Bring your home back to its normal comfort level with the pros at Morelli. With years of experience, we know how best to get your heat pump up and running again.

A Bit About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps themselves are already quite efficient since they simply transfer heat, rather than burning fuel to create it. In the winter, heat is transferred from the outside of your home to the inside. In the summer, heat moves from the inside of your home to the outside. Better yet, heat pumps accomplish all this using only electricity, a cleaner fuel source than gas. As a result, heat pumps are very energy-efficient and operate quietly. They’re great for a climate like the Southeast, with its milder winters and hot summers.

Checklist in a Typical Heat Pump Repair Visit

A repair can extend the life of your heat pump and help it operate more efficiently. Here’s just a sampling of the steps in a heat pump repair:

  • Filters are inspected and changed if dirty. 
  • Fans and coils are cleaned. 
  • Refrigerant level is checked.
  • Drain lines are cleared.
  • The motor and bearings are inspected. 
  • Airflow blockages are removed and loose parts are tightened.
  • The fan belt between the motor and fan is adjusted or replaced if needed. 
  • Unusual noises are diagnosed.

More than 30 Years of Heat Pump Repair Experience

Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning has over three decades of experience. Though we’re proud of our Carrier line for new installations, we offer heat pump repair for all types of equipment. We always seek to repair before recommending a replacement.

You need a true professional to weigh the cost of a repair versus the life expectancy of the current heat pump. Let Morelli be your guide. If your home isn’t keeping you comfortable in any season, contact Morelli at 843.554.8600 for heat pump repair. We’ll diagnose the issue and recommend your best option: repair or replacement.

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