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Heat Pump Installation from Professionals You Can Trust

By installing a heat pump, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. There is no need for separate heating and cooling systems, because a heat pump offers both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. The technology is quite efficient in a climate like the Southeast, with its milder winters and hot summers.

Heat pump installation is a great way to reduce your home’s energy consumption. Instead of gas, heat pumps use electricity. The electricity doesn’t have to be alone transferring heat in the right direction to warm or cool your home. Instead, heat from the environment can be utilized to increase the heating or cooling effect. You don’t have to pay for the bonus environmental heat used in the process.

Checklist for After Heat Pump Installation

Whether you’re installing a heat pump in a new construction or replacing an existing unit, here’s some advice to get the longest life out of your new installation.

  • Ask about equipment warranty, registering your product, and filing the paperwork. 
  • Keep the model number of your unit and contact information for your installer handy. It will speed up any future calls for questions or repairs.
  • Change your filters regularly, preferably once per month. 
  • Set up twice yearly preventative maintenance appointments with a professional.
  • Keep the outdoor unit free of grass, leaves, and shrubs. 
  • Check for debris around the unit periodically. 
  • Make sure nothing restricts airflow to the unit. 
  • Call a certified technician if you hear unusual noises.

Morelli’s Catalogue of Heat Pump Installation Options Has Your Size

It makes sense to choose the most efficient model you can afford, since it will be responsible for your comfort all year long, along with those monthly heating and cooling energy bills. Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning is an authorized dealer of the Carrier line of heat pumps. Let one of our NATE certified technicians recommend an install that fits your budget and your space.

We also offer attractive preventative maintenance plans for your new heat pump. Our plans help homeowners protect their investment for years to come. Call 843.554.8600 for experts in heat pump installation. Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning will complete your install, observe and monitor the unit in operation, and service your equipment for years to come.

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