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Geothermal systems are an exciting alternative energy option in both heating and cooling applications. The science behind geothermal and a quick description of key components is below. To start, the word geothermal gives a clue to its meaning: “geo” means “earth” and “thermal” means “heat”.

Quick Geothermal Background

A geothermal system uses water-based heat pumps located around the residential or commercial space that transfers heat from one space to another to heat or cool a building. In the winter, the earth supplies heat, acting as a heat source. The home or business is a heat sink, accepting the heat when it’s cold outside. The source and sink switch in the summertime to effectively cool a building instead of heating it.

The ground certainly feels cold in the winter and hot in the summer. How can the earth supply heat when it’s frozen and accept heat when it’s steaming? Simple: look deeper. About 200 feet below the ground, the earth stays at the same temperature all year round. It’s relatively hotter than the surface during the winter and colder than the surface during the summer.

What Every Geothermal System Needs

  • A geothermal heat pump, also called a ground source heat pump, to connect the earth to the HVAC system of the building.
  • The earth, to be the heat source in the winter and the heat sink in the summer.
  • Electricity, to help the heat transfer, whether it’s adding or removing heat from the building.

What’s Great About Geothermal Systems

  • Highly efficient and long life expectancy.
  • HVAC equipment may be installed entirely indoors with no need for combustion
  • Ability to be tied into the water heating system 
  • Consistent electrical load
  • Limited maintenance requirements and few moving parts
  • Green technology for the environment

Geothermal systems deserve the popularity they are gaining in HVAC applications. The earth is a natural resource with plenty of heating and cooling to offer. Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning can answer your geothermal questions and evaluate whether it might be a fit for your home or business. Call 843.554.8600 for a free consultation and an estimate on the environmentally friendly and money saving geothermal option. 

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