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Reasons Why Your Building’s Boiler Isn’t Putting Out Enough Heat

Your business relies on a comfortable environment and happy employees. Not having heat in your building is a quick way to days that feel colder and longer than they should. If you’re experiencing a struggling boiler, you could be facing unhappy and uncomfortable times ahead.

The good news is that Morelli is there when you need us the most. With simple HVAC maintenance, you can determine what the root of the problem is and work on getting it fixed quickly and efficiently. Check out some of the common reasons why the boiler system might not be pushing enough heat into the building.

  • The steam traps stopped in the closed position. If the traps fail when they are closed, no air is going to be able to pass through the system. This means that little to no steam is going to make it to the radiator, thus minimizing the total heat output. If the trap appears distended and cool, it probably failed in the closed position. We’ll simply repair and possibly replace the trap.
  • The system isn't vented properly. The goal is to evenly heat the property. All radiators should heat simultaneously. If you want large and small radiators to be able to heat evenly, you need to make sure the larger radiator vents quicker. This is where an adjustable air vent comes into play. If the wrong vent is installed, it will cause the system to heat unevenly. Changing out the air vents can solve the problem.

By going through the tips above, you can make sure your HVAC system is working like it should and everyone has the right amount of heat. Contact the team at Morelli Air today to schedule your HVAC maintenance and inspection.


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