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Will ENERGY STAR® Appliances Save Me Money?

Discover the benefits of having ENERGY STAR® appliances.

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When you choose to purchase ENERGY STAR® products, you are taking a big step forward toward greater energy efficiency in your home. Because you are cutting back on energy usage, you will also be saving money on utility bills and at the same time you will be doing your part to protect the environment.

ENERGY STAR® is a government-backed guarantee that the appliance you buy meets strict efficiency standards. That’s a big plus for households with heating and cooling systems, which are big energy users. Homeowners can do their part to keep ENERGY STAR® products running efficiently by hiring qualified professionals to size and install heating and cooling systems.

The EPA says that if one in 10 households bought ENERGY STAR® heating and cooling products, the change would keep 17 billion pounds of pollution out of the air.

What You Need to Know about Tax Credits, Rebates & Savings

Homeowners can save money not only through the purchase and usage of energy efficient appliances, but also by taking advantage of financial incentives. In support of energy efficiency, government agencies, utility companies and other entities will offer tax credits and rebates for those who purchase these appliances or increase their home's energy efficiency through various improvements and upgrades.

It can all be a bit confusing, which is why getting the help of a professional is a surefire way to expertly optimize your residential energy efficiency.

What's the Bottom Line on Energy Star?

Appliances that earn an ENERGY STAR® rating may cost a bit more upfront, but in an overwhelming majority of cases, their operating costs yield big savings over the lifetime of the products. The facts show that ENERGY STAR® is working for the betterment of the environment while simultaneously lowering electric bills.

Looking for more ways to increase energy efficiency, cut your utility bills, and help the environment? Click to contact our team of experts at Morelli Heating and Air conditioning to up your energy efficiency game, or to schedule an energy audit for your home.


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