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3 Reasons Why Your AC Isn't Blowing Cool Air

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Everyone in the modern world relies on heating and air conditioning to a certain extent. As such, everyone experiences some level of distress when they find out their system isn't working properly. An air conditioner that isn't blowing out cold air can be a serious inconvenience, but when it happens on a swelteringly hot day, it can be downright dangerous. Luckily, the cause of the issue might be obvious enough for you to identify on your own.

Your Air Conditioner Filter Could be the Culprit

The filter in your cooling system removes particles of dust and dirt from the air, which helps protect the air conditioner. Over time, however, a neglecting a filter can lead to clogs of dust and debris. An overloaded filter will restrict airflow, leading to your condenser unit freezing up. This prevents it from cooling the air, which leads to the unit putting out warm air regardless of the temperature setting.

The HVAC Thermostat Setting Could be Incorrect

Your thermostat will have an ‘on' as well as an ‘auto' setting, and some homeowners don't understand the difference between the two. If your thermostat is in the ‘on' position, the unit's fan will remain on at all times — this includes when the air conditioner isn't working to cool the air. So air circulates but isn't cold, which may lead to confusion regarding whether the system is working properly. Setting the thermostat to ‘auto' should correct this.

Your Outdoor AC Unit Might be Dirty

If it's been a long time since your last maintenance check, your outdoor unit could be dirty. This can have a negative impact on performance. Additionally, nearby bushes, weeds and other plant-life might be too close to the unit, which can restrict the airflow.

If you’re unsure of what might be causing your unit to produce warm air, or if you’re curious about the benefits of regular maintenance, call us! At Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, we have a staff of experts who will be able to assist you with whichever issues might be afflicting your system.

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