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Hot Air About Some Cool Stuff. Learn how maintenance agreements can help you maintain healthy indoor air quality throughout the year.

Why Routine Maintenance on Commercial AC Is Beneficial


The following commercial services make all the difference in the life and efficiency of your HVAC unit.

Essential commercial services for your heating and cooling equipment vary widely depending on model and brand. Unlike a residential unit, your commercial HVAC system is typically harder to access and more complex. Hiring out maintenance will help you get the best performance from your equipment for the longest time possible.

Routine Maintenance Uncovers Problems Early

Twice-per-year inspections identify problems before they begin. Instead of waiting for your system to break down, you have time to schedule repairs at your convenience. You also won't have to worry about one broken component damaging other elements. A maintenance check by a trained HVAC tech saves money, time and keeps workers happy.

Keep Your Business Comfortable for Less

These visits also prepare your HVAC equipment for the tough job of keeping your business site comfortable through the harshest conditions of the year. A thorough cleaning, lubing and tightening of essential components allows for optimal performance. It means you're using less energy to handle climate control, which ultimately means lower energy bills.

Preserve the Life of Your HVAC System

Commercial heating and cooling systems should last 15 years or more. Unfortunately, neglect can significantly shorten the lifespan of a unit. Given the cost associated with replacement, joining Morelli’s Peak Performance Maintenance Plan is more than worth the expense. It also comes with extra benefits, such as 10 percent discounts on parts and labor and priority service calls.

Take care of your essential commercial services with one of the most knowledgeable HVAC services in Charleston. Call 843-554-8600 to reach our team at Morelli today to learn more.


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