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Why Isn’t the Air Coming from My Registers Warm?

Is the air blowing through your registers a little on the cool side?

Heat Repair

Before you panic thinking you’re going to freeze to death (it is January after all) read this. There are a few easy checks you can make to find out if you need to call a repair company when you’ve got an air vent that feels cool:

  • Check the thermostat.

    The settings may have been “bumped” and accidentally altered or it may be that the setting is on “on” rather than “auto.” When a furnace is set to “on” it causes the fan to run constantly, even when the furnace isn’t heating the air is being blown.

  • Check your air filter.

    Dirty filters equal clogged filters. This can really reduce airflow, which can in turn overheat your furnace causing the safety control to shut off the burners.

  • Check your air ducts.

    Holes and cracks cause leaks and can make it seem like your furnace isn’t working.

  • Check your timing.

    When a furnace first kicks on, the air is room temperature, which makes it feel cool. Stay in front of the register for a few moments to see if the air begins to get warm.

If you have done your troubleshooting and still feel like you need help with your heating needs your best bet is to have a trust worthy HVAC service company pay a visit.

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