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Why Air Purifiers are the Key to Better Breathing


Can your heating and air conditioning affect your breathing?

Your heating and air conditioning is your first line of defense when it comes to your indoor air quality, but it doesn't have to work alone. Adding an air purifier can have a significant impact on the air in your home. Here's why they are the keys to better breathing.

What’s in Your Indoor Air?

The pollutants that become airborne in our homes often include pollen, dust, dust mites, mold, mildew, pet hair and dander, viruses, bacteria, chemicals from paints and household cleaners, and smoke.

What Do the Pollutants Do?

Airborne pollutants can make you feel bad. They can make breathing more difficult. They can cause coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, irritated sinuses, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and even respiratory issues.

What Does an Air Purifier Do?

Air purifiers work by pulling pollutants from the air in your home and recirculating the clean air. As the purifier pulls air in, it passes through filters. These filters capture the particles that can cause health issues when you breathe them in on a regular basis. A good purifier can remove up to 99% of all airborne pollutants that are plaguing you and your family.

Taking measures to reduce the pollutants in your home and improve your indoor air quality can have a marked impact on your breathing, your health, and the well-being of everyone in your house.

Take action today by contacting our team at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning. We can tell you all you need to know about how an air purifier can work with your heating and air conditioning system to help you breathe easier.


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