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Hot Air About Some Cool Stuff. Learn how maintenance agreements can help you maintain healthy indoor air quality throughout the year.

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Heat Pump?

Can maintenance agreements help to determine when it is time to replace your heat pump?

Lifespan of heat pump

The life span for a heat pump averages 10-15 years, depending on the quality of the equipment, usage history, and whether it was professionally maintained through maintenance agreements on a consistent basis. The factor most important in determining the lifespan of your heat pump is maintenance. There are some steps you can take to ensure your heat pump is well maintained, which will help extend its life. For example:

  • Ice can build up on the outdoor coil, causing frost, and can impede the unit’s ability to provide heat. Check to make sure its defrost cycle is working properly.
  • Replace or clean air filters regularly, according the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Clean the fins on the outside condenser unit.
  • Keep coils clean.
  • Do not allow plant growth within 18 inches of the outdoor unit.
    • Unfortunately, there will a come a time when even the most properly maintained furnace can go on no longer. Here are some signs your furnace may be ready for replacement:

      • It’s more than 15 years old. Today’s energy efficient furnaces can save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs.
      • Your repair bills are escalating. At some point, your furnace is going to require an increasing number of repairs in order to keep it running. In the HVAC industry, we recommend replacing your furnace when your repair costs are approaching 50 percent of your total replacement costs.
      • Higher energy bills. If your utility bills are increasing even though your thermostat settings are the same as always, an aging furnace could be the problem. Schedule a furnace inspection.
      • Inconsistent heating. Are some rooms or areas of the house hotter or cooler than others lately? If an inspection fails to uncover obvious airflow obstruction elsewhere, inconsistent heating or airflow is a sign of a failing furnace.
      • Visible signs. Sometimes a visual inspection of the furnace equipment is all that’s needed to discover signs of a problem.

      If you suspect your furnace is ready for replacement or if you think regular maintenance through professional maintenance agreements will help, contact Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning.


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