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What Is Involved in a Geothermal Installation?

Discover the green energy benefits of geothermal HVAC.

Geothermal coils being installed

A green energy efficient home will not only reduce the cost of utility bills, but it will greatly improve the comfort of your home. Geothermal heat pumps can be easily integrated with existing system such as traditional forced air or radiant floor heating, or it can be installed in a new building. Here’s what you need to know about geothermal installation.

What should you expect from geothermal installation?

The installation depends on the type of air system involved. Forced air systems will require a water-to-air heat pump, while hydronic radiant heating systems will require water-to-water heat pumps. The size of a geothermal heat pump and the size of ground loop required depend on the heating and cooling requirement for your home.

Capacity for geothermal systems is measured in tons. Typically, a 3-ton setup should suffice for the average home, but home size, heating and cooling needs, local geology and soil, and land availability are all factors which will influence the correct size for your specific home. While you may not know what sizes are best, you can get answers from a professional HVAC company that specializes in geothermal.

What will geothermal HVAC installation cost?

On average, a typical home of 2500 square feet, with a heating load of 60,000 BTU and a cooling load of 60,000 BTU will cost from $20,000 to $25,000 to install. This is around double the cost of a conventional heating, cooling, and hot water system, but geothermal heating/cooling system can reduce utility bills by 40% to 60%.

The payback for a system can range from 2-10 years, while the lifetime of a system can be 18-23 years—almost double a conventional system. Additionally, green energy systems add value to the equity of your home. There are also federal tax rebates available for energy efficiency improvements.

Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning can answer your geothermal questions and determine whether this type of HVAC might be a good fit for your home or business. Click this link or call 843.554.8600 for a free consultation and an estimate on geothermal and other green energy options for your HVAC system.


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