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What is hybrid heating?


Hybrid heating comprises of an electric heat pump and a fossil-fueled furnace. With the ability to operate efficiently using different forms of fuel under varying weather conditions, a hybrid heating system increases efficiency, reduces heating bills, and is eco-friendly.

How Does Hybrid Heating Work?

A hybrid heating system uses a furnace along with an electric heat pump for heating. Typically, heat pumps are usually one of the most economical forms of heating your home in cool to chilly weather conditions.

The heat pump typically extracts cold air from outside, heats it and literally pumps it inside of your home. Once the temperature outside reduces beyond the economic balance point, the system switches to your furnace to heat with gas, oil, or propane that's more efficient at that instance.

How Much Does It Cost and How Much Can You Save?

The cost of a hybrid heating system will vary depending on the size and heating needs of your home. However, it's usually reasonable and will be repaid through utility savings eventually. Hybrid heating systems can reduce your utility expenses by almost 10% or even more with the selection of higher efficiency HVAC equipment.

Does It Improve Comfort?

Hybrid heating systems offer the best of all worlds. During both mild and chilly weather, the system automatically designates the most economical fuel source depending on data via the control to heat the home with maximum efficiency.

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