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What Every HVAC Contractor Wishes Everyone Knew about Humidity Control

Are you looking for expert advice about humidity control from a HVAC contractor?

Humidity Control Hints

Any HVAC contractor will tell you that humidity control should be a part of your HVAC system. From the health of your family to the health of your wallet, it's vital to make sure your indoor air's humidity levels are safe and balanced.

Here are three reasons humidity control is important, according to professional HVAC contractors:

Risks to Your Health

Poor humidity conditions in your home can create a wide variety of health issues. Indoor air with too much moisture creates an environment that allows mold and mildew to grow. These conditions can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and asthmatic symptoms. Indoor air that is too dry can cause skin, eye, and throat irritation that can weaken your immune system and allow viruses to take hold.

Damage to Your Property

You may not realize all the damage that can be done to your home and personal property from poor humidity. Important documents, priceless photographs, and family heirlooms can be damaged. Wood flooring and other woodwork in your home can also be damaged or destroyed.

Increased Costs

You may not actually realize just how much money poor humidity is costing you. Multiple doctor visits for you and your family can add up. And let's not forget about the amount of money you'll be spending on medications, hand lotions and other items to improve your comfort. In addition to the increased medical bills, you could face an increase in utility bills, too. Too much moisture in the air will have you running to the thermostat to turn the heat up because you won't feel warm enough.

Don't risk the health and wellness of your family. Talk to an HVAC contractor today to find out if your family's health is at risk from poor humidity levels in your home. Contact our professional team at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. today to learn more about humidity control.


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