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What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?


We're all familiar with outdoor air pollution – smog, car exhaust, clouds of cigarette smoke – but what about the air pollution circulating inside your house? If you haven't had your furnace cleaned or your air conditioning unit maintained, every time your vents turn on, they might be circulating dangerous chemicals through your home. Indoor air pollution is more concentrated, and thus a bigger risk to your health than outdoor air pollution. Here are some causes you should look for:

1. Asbestos

This is the big one – asbestos is the leading cause of indoor air pollution. Have an older home? Then you're facing a higher risk. Asbestos can be found in old paint, some building materials, floor tiles, and some types of ceiling tiles. It's incredibly dangerous, and can cause serious health problems like lung cancer and asbestosis.

2. Mold and Mildew

If your bathroom or basement smells musty and stagnant, there's a chance you have mold or mildew. Those two rooms – along with other rooms that frequently have moisture in them – are particularly susceptible.

3. Tobacco Smoke

The effect of tobacco smoke on a person's health is well documented. Unfortunately, it's not good enough to simply go to another room and light up a cigarette – that smoke travels throughout the house and will impact anyone inside.

Indoor Air Pollution Prevention

Air pollution can cause asthma symptoms, bronchitis, and other respiratory infections to occur. The best way to deal with air pollution? Remove possible causes (note that things such as asbestos should be professionally removed) Increase ventilation to all areas of the house, and have your furnace and air conditioning unit cleaned on an annual schedule – you don't want them circulating dangerous particles throughout your home.

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