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What to Do When Water Pools Around Your Commercial HVAC


Commercial HVAC units that are indoors should never have water pooling around them. If this is happening, it is a sign that something is malfunctioning. In many cases, it is a simple problem that can be fixed easily. In other circumstances, it requires a tubing or pump replacement.

Insulation Problems

Both the suction line and the indoor evaporator coil will sweat when the unit is in cooling mode. The insulation around the suction line should help deal with condensation, but when it has open seams or portions of it are missing, the condensation may pool. A quick re-taping or insulation replacement can address this minor issue.

Dirty Coils

The condensation that builds up inside the unit should run down the coil, into a pan, and out to the drain. The drain then leads outside of the building or into a plumbing drain.

A dirty coil, however, can result in less movement down toward the drain. Instead of traveling along the coil, condensation simply hits the floor. Drain clogging is also more common with a dirty coil. A quick cleaning can usually fix this problem.

Preventing and Dealing with Serious Malfunctions

It is a good idea to have annual cleanings to prevent complications and increase efficiency. These annual inspections can also address issues before they start—including noticing pump or tubing problems.

Larger pools of water likely mean that there is a serious problem, and you should call in a professional right away. Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning is just a phone call away if you need help with your commercial HVAC unit.



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