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The Full Guide to Smart Heating


Is there such a thing as smart heating and energy efficiency when you’re trying to stay warm in the winter? Absolutely! Here’s your simple guide to smart heating this winter.

Smart Heating and Smart Thermostats

One of the simplest ways to heat smart and be more energy efficient is by upgrading to a smart thermostat. With proper programming, you can save up to 15% on your heating and cooling. It allows you to program all of your heat settings to fit your family and your lifestyle, so you can control the temperature and the amount of energy you use all day, every day.

Smart Heating and Zoning

Another great way to save money and use less energy heating your home is through zoning. Zoning consists of breaking your house up into areas, or zones, and you can control each one separately with separate thermostats connected to a central panel. This lets you keep each zone at a different temperature. Send more heat to the rooms that get more use, and less heat in the ones that don’t, and you’ll save a bundle.

Smart Heating and Humidity Control

In the winter when the air is drier, you can use less energy heating your home by controlling the humidity levels. Air that has a higher relative humidity is going to feel warmer than dry air. By adding a humidifier to your HVAC system, you can bump up the humidity in your home, so it feels warmer, is easier to heat, and you’ll use less energy in the process.

You don’t have to just dream about smart heating this winter. Our team of experts at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning can help you increase your energy efficiency with some simple steps to save you money.


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