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The 3 Easiest Ways to Keep Your Staff Warm This Winter


If you don’t have a reliable HVAC commercial services team in your contact list yet, now’s the time. There’s nothing worse than paying your employees for sick time or losing productivity just because your building is less than cozy. Here are the three easiest ways to keep your staff warm this winter:

#1: Regular Old Maintenance

Something as simple as regular HVAC maintenance can go a long way toward creating happy employees this winter. It’s not too late to have a certified technician out to evaluate your heating system. Regular maintenance can keep it running the way it should all year long and can help keep the temperatures consistent this winter. When the temperatures are consistent, so is productivity.

#2: Time to Upgrade the Thermostats

If your old thermostats aren’t keeping your system at the set point temperature, it’s time for an upgrade. Even older models that are programmable can let you down when it comes to keeping the temperatures where you set them. Smart thermostats aren’t just for your house. They can help keep your building and your employees comfortable no matter what shift they’re working.

#3: Get an Energy Use Evaluation

Evaluating your energy use is often as simple as checking for leaks in your ductwork. It can also mean evaluating your HVAC system to be sure it’s the right size and capacity for the space you’re trying to heat. If you’re using excessive energy, it could mean there are issues that are easy to address, or it could mean you’re due for a new HVAC system. Whatever the case, a professional HVAC technician can give you the low-down on how to fix any problems that could be leaving your staff in the cold.

Don’t let your employees get cold this winter and leave you paying for sick time. Contact our commercial services team at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning for everything you need to keep your staff warm this winter.

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