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Hot Air About Some Cool Stuff. Learn how maintenance agreements can help you maintain healthy indoor air quality throughout the year.

3 Spring Cleaning Tips. Hint: Don’t Forget the Fans


Dirty equipment has a big impact on energy efficiency, and it can be much dirtier than you think. The blower motor of your HVAC system quietly hoards dirt where no one is looking. If you're not getting a seasonal inspection with a service that cleans your unit, you might be adding a significant cost to your monthly bill. And don't even think about what you're breathing. From pet dander to candle soot, that dirt is circulating through your home -- and through your body!

Follow these tips to keep your fans clean and energy efficient:

1. Take advantage of a maintenance plan.

Your HVAC service provider comes to your home to do seasonal checks. You can save money on these visits by buying them as a bundle, often called a maintenance plan or membership agreement. In addition, joining a plan has extra perks, like a percentage off repairs and replacements or priority service during busy seasons. The biggest benefit, of course, is having someone to do the dirty work you never quite get around to doing.

2. Schedule a blower motor cleaning.

Don’t belong to a maintenance plan? You still need to make sure your blower is safe. You could take your own unit apart, use special chemicals to clean it off, and reinstall it without much risk. But what if things go wrong? You could do more damage than it’s worth.

If you’re comfortable with DIY home repairs, there are plenty of tutorials available online. Those who are unsure about this job should have it done by a pro.

3. Monitor fan use throughout the year.

Some homeowners run their fans all summer instead of using the AC. Too many of them freak out when they get their electric bills. Where are the savings they should be getting from all that time spent suffering in the heat?

While the fan uses less electricity than your AC, it still uses about as much as a refrigerator. It makes sense to run it at certain times of the day. It does not help to run it all day. It also doesn't help to run the fan while the air in your home is heating up. At that point, all you're doing is redistributing heat, and by bedtime, you'll need to crank the AC.

Instead, use an updated thermostat to monitor and control the fan and AC usage from anywhere in the world. New Wi-Fi units allow you to preset - and even predict - usage, resulting in ultimate comfort and savings.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency. Contact our team at Morelli HVAC to schedule a full-system assessment today.


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