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Hot Air About Some Cool Stuff. Learn how maintenance agreements can help you maintain healthy indoor air quality throughout the year.

How a Maintenance Agreement Can Save You Money on Big Repairs

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For most of us, if we stop and consider the most expensive things about our homes, the HVAC system is near the top of the list. It makes sense that we will do all that we can to extend the life of this important system, and ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. With a maintenance agreement, homeowners are able to solve those issues.

Why a Maintenance Agreement

A maintenance agreement will bring technicians to your home in the spring and in the fall to inspect your system. Why? Your HVAC system is comprised of electrical parts, some of which are exposed to the elements, so they can crack, fade, and fail. Fuel is burned in those systems—whether the fuel is from electricity or a kind of gas, then there are wires and computer chips, and plumbing issues. An HVAC system is quite complicated, so having an expert evaluate it will be a help in making your system run correctly and last longer.

  • Duct inspections will ensure air can get to the places you want it to without obstructions
  • Seasonal inspections can help add efficiency
  • Warranty issues can also often be avoided if you have regular maintenance on your HVAC. Some warranties require regular professional maintenance.


Regular maintenance usually costs less over the life of your system rather than paying for the big repair required after neglect. And, regular maintenance usually results in fewer breakdowns at inopportune times. Contact Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning and see how our maintenance plans can help you.


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