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3 Things You Didn’t Know about Rooftop HVAC Systems


When it comes to HVAC, hiring a company specializing in commercial services can save you a bundle, both now and throughout the life of your heating and cooling systems. This is never truer than during installation. A lousy job will plague your business - and run up your bills - for the life of your equipment. Make sure you're working with someone who can get the job done. At the minimum, they should understand the following:

1. The Difference between a Packaged Unit and Split System

Residential customers usually have a split HVAC system. There’s a unit indoors containing the evaporator coil and an outdoor unit containing the compressor.

A packaged system is one unit containing all the components. It’s usually installed on the roof, or less commonly on a slab alongside the business. There is no interior unit for heating and cooling. “Rooftop unit” is another name for a packaged system installed on a roof.

2. The Role of Ventilation in Rooftop Installation

In a packaged system, air filtration is more important than ever. Both air return and intake positions need filters. High-performance filters prevent soot from car exhaust and nearby businesses from contaminating indoor air and damaging the sensitive components of your HVAC equipment.

3. The Best Energy Source for Rooftop Heating and Cooling

While today’s systems can run on energy from a variety of sources, natural gas is the go-to fuel source for a rooftop unit. Whether building from scratch or relocating a slab-mounted unit to the roof, be mindful of the extra costs of running copper gas line to the new location. Make sure your technician is mindful of the cost too and capable of managing total installation expenses.

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