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Hot Air About Some Cool Stuff. Learn how maintenance agreements can help you maintain healthy indoor air quality throughout the year.

Quick Commercial AC Repair Tips

What are some maintenance tips for my commercial AC unit? Learn from the commercial services pros.

Commercial HVAC Services

Air conditioning equipment for your business requires regular commercial services maintenance to maximize the unit’s performance and efficiency. When the unit is examined under a maintenance plan, minor problems can be detected and adjusted to prevent expensive major mechanical failures and a costly commercial AC repair. The life expectancy of the entire system will be preserved through a maintenance routine that becomes more extensive as the system ages, and this will benefit your business’s bottom line.

While commercial HVAC systems are built to withstand long hours of daily use, this doesn’t mean they are immune to wear and tear. The internal structure of air conditioning systems is very complicated and is usually sealed. Repairing them is better left in the hands of a professional. However, you can perform simple maintenance checks to stay on top of any issues that may be developing between your scheduled maintenance appointments.

Consider these commercial AC repair tips to keep your business’s HVAC system running smoothly throughout the year:

Replace Air Filters

Air conditioner filters must be replaced at regular intervals to prevent dust and dirt from clogging the filter system, and this is something you can do yourself for your commercial HVAC. Normal air flow through the filter will enable the system to run efficiently and provide cooling to every area of the building. When the filters become blocked and air flow is obstructed, the air conditioning system will be required to run more often to cool the building.

Know Your Symptoms

There are plenty of symptoms that can reveal your AC system is not in its best condition. One of these that are quite noticeable for most business owners is when your AC system is taking an unusually long time to cool. There might be faults within the interior distribution system, the evaporator may be blocked by dust and fungi, or the condenser might be damaged, or it may be something else entirely! While you will need to have a professional come to check out the HVAC for an accurate diagnosis, being able to detect a problem will enable you to contact the pros to fix things before they become major problems.

Why Commercial HVAC Maintenance Is Important

Commercial air conditioning maintenance is essential not only to keep your place of business cool and comfortable, but preventative maintenance also means avoiding huge expenses due to irreparable damage to your system. Air conditioner replacement can be costly, but this expense can be avoided if owners pay more attention to the condition of their HVAC.

A commercial maintenance agreement is a great way to ensure your system is working well. Not only will a professional be more capable of detecting problems before they worsen, they can also provide quick solutions to a wide range of issues.

For more information about commercial services maintenance or to schedule your routine checks, contact one of our experienced HVAC professionals at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning today.


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