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Does the Price of HVAC Scare You? Here are Some Financing Options to Help

Take the fear out of the price of HVAC – and save money instead.

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The price of HVAC can be scary! Purchasing a new HVAC system may be something you’ve been planning and preparing for – or you may have found yourself dealing with an unpleasant surprise in the form of an old or broken unit. With the cold temperatures of winter just around the corner, there isn’t time to wait. Before we talk about financing a new HVAC unit, let’s first discuss how to get the best price for a new system. The following programs can help offset the cost that will make financing even easier:

  • Rebates: Check with your HVAC sales associate for rebates offered by various brands to offset the purchase cost of your new system. Usually, rebates vary depending on the energy efficiency rating of the system you’re purchasing. In addition to brand rebates, inquire about rebate programs offered by your local utility company.
  • Tax Breaks: The federal government offers tax breaks for certain types of HVAC units. Make sure the unit you purchase meets the requirements outlined to qualify for any tax credits.

Now, let’s talk specifically about the financing itself. Not many homeowners have money readily available to cover the purchase price and installation of HVAC systems.

Here are two simple suggestions for financing your new system:

  1. Home Improvement Loan/Home Equity: Many financial institutions offer low-interest rate loans intended for home improvements. Additionally, they offer home equity loans where you can borrow against the equity in your home.
  2. Seller Financing: Many HVAC companies will finance the purchase of a new quality HVAC system, offering easy payments that will fit your budget.

Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers easy financing to make the price for HVAC work with your budget. We have developed an easy way for you to make payments securely online, any time of day, every day. To find out more about easy financing options, contact us today by calling 843.554.8600. Don’t forget to ask about the convenience of “Just Push Pay”.


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