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3 Pro Tips to Prepare Your HVAC for Your Christmas Vacation


Your heating and air conditioning system might be the last thing that comes to mind as you're preparing for your Christmas vacation, but neglecting it is a big mistake. HVAC is a necessity for many of us, especially when we live in areas that can experience extreme temperatures — it's vital to make sure you take steps to keep your system in good condition. Returning home to a freezing house with a broken down heating system is an experience that can ruin any vacation, after all!

Here are three tips to prepare your heating and air conditioning before you go:

1.Put in New HVAC Filters

Changing out dirty filters is always a great idea, but when you're leaving the house for a while, it becomes crucial. Clogged air filters force the system to work much harder, which in turn may lead to breakdowns if allowed to continue for too long. A breakdown that occurs when you're away from home is a breakdown you can't spot or fix. It's also the type of situation that can produce frozen pipes, which are another hazard altogether.

2.Don’t Shut off the HVAC

Everyone wants to save money, and it's natural to consider shutting down the HVAC system for the time you're planning to be away. But this is a recipe for disaster. Those frozen pipes previously mentioned come to mind, of course, and there's also the chance your home's contents could suffer damage due to extreme indoor temperatures.

You can still save on energy while you’re away, but instead of turning the system off, just set the temperature a few degrees lower than you’d usually keep it when you’re home.

3.Get Your Heating System Checked by a Professional

As important as the last two items were, nothing compares to the value of having a technician look your system over before you head out on your getaway. A professional tune-up will ensure the system runs properly, both while you're away and after you return.

At Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, our technicians have a wealth of experience with performing repairs and preventing future issues with our thorough inspections. For more information about our heating and air conditioning services, contact us at 843-554-8600 today!


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