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10 Office Safety Tips for Space Heaters


Commercial services are a critical part of ensuring an office HVAC system works properly — but what about when it comes to space heaters? Sometimes a little extra heat is exactly what the doctor ordered, but space heaters come with a reputation for danger. No amount of increased comfort is worth a fire, which is why you should always observe safety guidelines. Read on for a look at some rules that might just keep your workplace safe this winter.

Safety Precautions for Commercial Space Heaters

Space heaters are a fire hazard unless you follow the right protocol for their use. By sticking to this list, your employees can get warmer without endangering themselves (and your building!):

1.Management should approve all space heaters before use.

2.Never place space heaters under desks or within any enclosed spaces.

3.Do not use space heaters in wet areas, or areas that may become wet, such as kitchen areas or bathrooms.

4.Careful monitoring of space heaters when in use is a must. If no one is around, turn them off.

5.Space heaters must plug directly into electrical outlets; do not use extension cords.

6.Report any malfunctions or missing parts from a space heater promptly, so that the proper repairs can commence.

7.Do not place space heaters in walkways, high traffic areas or around exits.

8.Ensure at least three feet of clearance around every space heater.

9.Do not use space heaters in laboratories, or any environment that may produce flammable gas.

10.Never use a space heater that has a frayed or damaged power cord.

Regular Commercial Inspections are the Most Valuable Safety Tip

Space heaters can work effectively and safely, so long as they’re inspected regularly. The experts at Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning are well-versed in space heaters, as well as every other aspect of commercial HVAC. To learn more about our commercial services, and how they can help your business, get in touch with us today!


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