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How New Air Filters Can Improve Your Energy Efficiency

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No one ever says no to the chance for better energy efficiency. Whether your concern is for the environment or for lowering your utility bills — or both—there are many ways you can cut back on the energy you consume in your daily life. One of the most dependable ways of achieving this also happens to be one of the easiest. New air filters come with many benefits, including improved efficiency.

Clogged Filters Waste Energy by Making Your System Work Harder

Your HVAC system's efficiency partly depends on its ability to channel air effectively. If air filters get clogged, the system needs to use more energy to cool or heat and then distribute air. This wasted energy grows worse over time as the filter's condition worsens. The waste is considerable, given that HVAC use accounts for a very large percentage of household energy costs. If you're not keen on the idea of spending money on new air filters, you may need some perspective. That price tag is negligible compared to what you would pay on monthly bills if you let dirty filters hurt your efficiency.

To Maximize HVAC Efficiency, Look to the Experts

Checking your filters every month, particularly when your system sees more use due to severe weather, is a good practice to adopt. Beyond having a harmful impact on your efficiency, dirty filters also allow dirt and dust particles to build up in the system. This can force you to invest in expensive repairs, or even leave you dealing with a premature system breakdown.

To learn more about air filters and energy efficiency, get in touch with the professionals at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ll help you improve your system’s efficiency so you can save money and avoid future problems with your HVAC.


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