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My Indoor Fan Is Always Running - Is That Normal?

Learn what to do when you have a continually running indoor fan on your heating and air conditioning system.

HVAC Technician and Homeowner

Sometimes a heating and air conditioning blower will not turn off because there is a mechanical or electrical problem within the system. When an HVAC fan won’t shut off, this unnecessarily consumes electricity and produces unneeded wear and tear on the system itself. Troubleshooting your HVAC and knowing what to do when it won’t shut off could help you save money.

If the system has been running for a while and won’t stop, these troubleshooting steps might help you find the cause and a solution to the problem:

  • Begin at the thermostat. Lower the temperature. If the air conditioner continues to run, shut the cooling system down. If your thermostat is set to a low temperature or it is very hot outside, the air conditioner might be running just to keep up with the thermostat’s demand for cooling.
  • Check the air filter. If it is filled with dirt and dust, replace it. A dirty air filter may cause the air conditioner to run continuously because the air isn’t able to pass through the filter into the air ducts.
  • If the air conditioning blower is still going, there could be an electrical problem between the thermostat and the air blower. This problem would require a professional repair.
  • Check the temperature control switch to see if it is working. If you can’t locate it or if it appears to be broken, a professional service repair is needed.

Routine maintenance and monthly air filter changes can usually prevent the fan from continuously running. However, an occasional repair may be needed when a switch, wire, or mechanical problem makes for an overactive fan.

If you can’t get your HVAC fan to turn off or experience any other air conditioning problems this summer, click this link to contact our friendly professionals at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule service.


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