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What Should I Do If There's Water Dripping out of My Commercial HVAC Unit?

Inside of a commercial hvac system

If you find yourself in need of residential or commercial services, our team of experts at Morelli can diagnose your most pressing HVAC problems right away. Water coming from your HVAC system can’t be a good thing, right? Keep reading for a few troubleshooting scenarios you could find yourself in when it comes to your business’s heating and cooling system.

Commercial Services Help: What’s Going on When Water Drips from Your HVAC Unit?


Your unit controls the amount of humidity in the air and turns that into water. Seeing water dripping from your system could simply be overrun condensation. It’s normal to see this image. Just picture cooled water on a hot summer day. The same thing is happening with your unit.

Clogged Condensation

If your condensation has nowhere to run drain properly, you could be seeing the results, and thinking something is seriously wrong with your unit. Unclogging your system can easily be remedied by cleaning or vacuuming debris or dirt out. Units work harder during the summer months, and seeing more than normal dripping may need the professional touch of a certified technician.

Frozen Coils

Sometimes there can be an improperly installed unit, and as a result, your system’s coils freeze up. When they melt, an overflow of water is the result. Seeing an enormous amount of water in this scenario is unsettling. Drain the water and make sure the system is no longer freezing. To be certain, however, a professional technician should diagnose the problem.

Just because you see water dripping from your AC doesn’t mean a serious issue is lurking in your unit. It also doesn’t mean it’s just simple condensation. To get to the bottom of the issue right away, you need help from the HVAC commercial services pros; get in touch with our expert team at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.


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