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2 Simple Ways to Know If Your AC Unit Is the Right Size for Your Business

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If you believe the only way to accurately calculate the proper size for an AC unit at work is to enlist commercial services, you're probably right. At the same time, some fundamentals may shed light on whether you have the right size unit for your commercial space. When it comes to HVAC, size does matter, and bigger isn't always better. A unit that is too large for the space will drive up your electric bills and an undersized unit will actually do the same.

Calculating the Ideal Size for Your Commercial AC

Although figuring out the exact size won't be easy for anyone who isn't a professional (due to factors like sunlight exposure, building materials and the space's design), you can still come up with an estimate on your own. If you're fond of numbers (and your space doesn't have a ceiling higher than eight feet), you can actually use the following to come up with an approximate estimation of the ideally sized unit:

  • First, calculate the square footage of the area you will be cooling.
  • Divide the square footage number by 500.
  • Multiply the new number by 12,000, which will give you the total BTUs the unit will need to offset to effectively cool the space.
  • For every person who will occupy the space, add 380 BTUs. For every kitchen, add 1,200. For each window, add another 1,000.
  • The total cooling needed will be the final number, which can be a good starting point but won’t be completely accurate without professional input.

Signs Your Commercial System Is the Wrong Size

If you're not keen on doing the math but believe your system might be incorrectly sized, there are warning signs. A system that is too big will cycle itself on and off constantly, which will lead to excess humidity and hot areas within the space. On the other side, a system that is too small will struggle to cool properly and will need to be working all the time to compensate.

When in Doubt, Don’t Risk Workplace Comfort

An experienced HVAC technician will be able to assess your space and determine the optimal size for your commercial AC unit. This sizing will be much more precise than what an amateur can achieve, and a reputable service provider will be able to offer valuable guidance as you seek out the best options for your workplace.

At Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, we're eager to show you how we can help your business. We offer a wide range of commercial services that can get you set up with a dependable, correctly-sized system, and we’ll take steps to help you avoid issues in the future. Get in touch with our team of experts today to learn more.


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