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How to Keep Your AC from Breaking Down


We sometimes don't notice the luxuries we have until they vanish, and this tendency also applies to heating and air conditioning. Of course, if the air conditioner breaks down on a swelteringly hot day in the middle of August, it becomes the only thing on your mind! This kind of event, aside from being incredibly uncomfortable, can be dangerous if it occurs when the heat is at extreme levels. With this in mind, here are several steps that can keep your unit working its best.

Cleanliness Is Key for HVAC

Your air conditioning unit pulls air into it, then cools that air. If the air filter gets too dirty, however, it blocks the flow of air. It passes over the evaporator coil too slowly, which makes it freeze. If this continues for too long, the outdoor unit's compressor can break down. This can be extremely expensive to replace and might warrant a new unit altogether.

Additionally, the outdoor unit itself should always be clean. If debris builds up on and around it, the unit will can't release the heat left over from the cooled air. Without efficient heat release, the AC will struggle to cool your home effectively and will be more likely to break down.

Don't Make the Unit Work Harder Than It Should

It’s common to overwork an HVAC without even realizing it. One way to avoid this is by being conservative with the thermostat; don't give in to the temptation of lowering it all the way down on very hot days, as that will not impact how fast the house gets cool. Instead, it will force the unit to work for much longer, which is never good. Also, don't forget to take advantage of ceiling fans to help your unit with keeping your space comfortable.

Regular Maintenance Is the Best Way to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running

If you take steps to maintain your equipment, small problems won't get the chance to become debilitating issues down the line. You'll not only avoid breakdowns, but you'll also keep your energy costs down by keeping your HVAC system working at peak performance and efficiency. Maintenance will always be cheaper than emergency repairs, and there won't be any need to sit around sweating while you wait for the technician to arrive.

At Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning, we'll help you take steps to keep your AC unit working at its best. We offer free estimates and many maintenance plans that can suit your specific needs. We're always ready to get the job done, whether you need an emergency repair or a new installation. Get in touch with us today!


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