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3 Tricks to Keep Your Home Warm at Night


As cool weather hangs around for these last few weeks of winter, you may struggle to keep warm during these evenings, but there are ways to maximize your heating and air conditioning system. It's true that HVACs struggle to keep up at certain times of the year. We know that your family's comfort is one of your top priorities.

Until the mercury rises a bit more, try these three tricks to keep your home warm at night:

1.Check the weather stripping around your windows and doors. These foam strips help seal your home and keep chilly air out. Old weather stripping breaks down and allows cold air to seep in. Not only does this create chilly drafts, but it costs you extra money on your utility bills. Weather stripping is affordable and easy to replace.

2.Replace your old thermostat with a programmable device. Aged thermostats may not measure your home's temperature accurately. This makes it impossible to maintain the desired warmth inside the house. You'll need to program the new thermostat only once. You can select different temperatures for the day and night hours. These simple devices should give you peace of mind.

3.Have an HVAC professional conduct preventative maintenance on your furnace. Regular attention to your heater and air conditioner can go a long way to extend their useful lives.

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