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Is It Important to Have the Condenser Coils Cleaned?

If you’re like most homeowners, one of the last things you think about in the summer are the condenser coils for your cooling system. As long as your home is staying cool and comfortable, you don’t give your cooling system much thought.

However, keeping those coils cleaned and well maintained offers a number of benefits:

1. Making your system more energy efficient. Keeping dust, dirt and debris away from your condenser coils helps your system to use less energy. It takes more electricity to push air around all of that dirt than it does to operate a clean system.

2. Extending the life of your system. Keeping your condenser coils clean also helps to extend the life of your cooling system, since the motor doesn’t have to work so hard pushing around all of that dirt.

3. Keeping your rooms cool. The chief purpose of your condenser is to release heated air outside of your home. When your condenser coils are loaded with dirt, it hampers that transfer, making your system much less efficient at keeping your rooms cool and comfortable.

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