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Hot Air About Some Cool Stuff. Learn how maintenance agreements can help you maintain healthy indoor air quality throughout the year.

Is It Bad If My Furnace Makes a Loud Noise when It's Running?

Maintenance agreements help you to get the tune-ups and repairs you need to keep your furnace running as efficiently and quietly as possible.

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Having maintenance agreements gives you peace of mind when you are getting ready to fire up your heating system. While some noises are not necessarily as dangerous as they might sound, if your furnace is making a loud sound, you definitely need to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Having regular maintenance checks performed on your furnace is a good way to stay aware of what is going on, and stop problems before they start. In the meantime, let’s identify the noises you are hearing and what they may mean for the health of your HVAC.

Are you hearing a bang, boom, or thud?

If that describes the sound you hear when your furnace turns on, there are a few possibilities. One is that your furnace burners may be dirty. Dirt on the burners may cause a delay in the burners igniting. Because of this delay, gas will build up which causes the loud bang when it finally ignites. If you suspect you have a delayed ignition problem, you should call for emergency service.

Another cause for this sound might be your air ducts expanding and contracting, which may be an indicator that the home HVAC has undersized ducts, closed vents, or a clogged filter.

Are you hearing a clanging, pinging, popping, or rattling?

The clanging sound could be caused by pipes in the home, as they expand and contract. A pinging or popping sound may be more closely associated with the house’s ductwork. Rattling may be an indicator of loose ductwork, or even of the furnace not being on a solid or level surface. If the rattling is heard as the furnace turns off, this may be the metal parts of the furnace cooling down.

Are you hearing a whistling, or whooshing sound?

These sounds may, again, indicate an issue with the ductwork. Along with the ducts being too small, there may be gaps in the ducts. A dirty filter may also be the cause of these sounds.

Are you hearing a screeching, scraping, or chirping?

If you hear any of these sounds there is a chance that the blower wheel or motor may be the culprit. Call for emergency service.

While most of these noises do not necessarily spell danger for your home, it is important to have a professional check them out to identify the specific problem. Any time you hear these types of sounds, it is pretty safe to say your HVAC isn’t working optimally. Having regular HVAC maintenance as part of a maintenance plan is a good way to stay on top of these annoyances and help avoid the major repair issues that are typically a result of neglect.

Click this link to contact Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule a tune-up for your furnace or to get signed up for one of our cost-saving maintenance plans. Our trained technicians will be able to quickly tell you which part of your HVAC is making the racket and take the right steps to remedy the issue.


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