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Is Poor Insulation Limiting Your Home's Heating System?

If each winter has you cranking up the thermostat while still huddling under blankets for warmth, you may assume your heater needs a tune-up or is no longer up to the task of heating your entire home. However, in many cases, your heater may be doing its job as best it can – only to be foiled by your home’s substandard insulation that doesn’t block the transfer of heat. Read on to learn more about the signs your home’s insulation could be putting additional strain on your heater (and costing you money in the process).

Your heater frequently cycles on and off

Your heater’s thermostat is designed to trigger the heater to turn on and off once your home’s interior temperature has reached a set level. If your heater frequently turns back on just a moment or two after turning off, it’s possible that sections of inadequate insulation in your home could be allowing the heat to flow straight through your walls to the outside. You may want to turn your heater off for a few minutes and watch the thermostat to see how quickly it begins to drop once the heat source has been eliminated.

You notice palpable drafts

While the sensation of cold air flowing through the gaps around the windows and doors in your home can be a telltale sign that your insulation needs to be upgraded, some drafts can be less obvious while equally harmful to your heating bill. Standing in a hallway or open area in your home with the heater turned off can often allow you to feel for the presence of drafts to try to pinpoint their origin.

If these descriptions have left you wondering whether your own insulation is up to snuff, give us a call for a no-obligation quote today.


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