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An Insider's View of an HVAC Maintenance Checklist

How can you ensure your system is ready when you need it? Through creating a HVAC maintenance checklist, of course.

HVAC maintenance checklist

Developing an HVAC maintenance checklist can help ensure that your HVAC unit is in tip-top shape. Nobody wants to face the heat of summer or the winter cold without a properly functioning HVAC unit. By developing a common sense plan for maintaining your heating and air conditioning system, you are helping prevent higher energy bills and the need for costly repairs.

A HVAC maintenance checklist should include the following:

  • Schedule an HVAC Inspection: A professional technician should perform an inspection twice a year. Make sure you schedule the inspection early in the fall, and again early in the spring to prepare your system for the seasons that will put it to the test.
  • Keep Surrounding Area Clear: Whether your unit is outside or inside, make sure you keep the unit clear of debris. If the unit is outside, clear away lawn debris such as leaves, sticks, and grass clippings. If the unit is inside, make sure you store any items at least two feet from the unit. These precautions allow the system to operate normally without interference.
  • Replace Filters: Check filters monthly. Best practice is to clean or replace them monthly, to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Inspect for Pooling Water: Inspect the drains and piping. Make sure the drain is clear of any debris that can cause a clog. Check piping for any leaks. 
  • Inspect for Rust or Corrosion: Regularly inspect the entire unit for rust or corrosion, these spots can be signs of more serious problems. Harmful elements can corrode parts that will eventually cause problems as the system continues to operate. 

Contact the experts to develop a plan specifically for the type of HVAC system in your home; a custom plan will go a long way in meeting your particular needs. To learn more about creating a HVAC maintenance checklist, or to schedule an inspection, call Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. at 843.554.8600.


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