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3 HVAC Upgrades to Make Before Selling Your Home

Selling Home HVAC Upgrades

When you’re going down the long list of tasks to do before you can put your house on the market, heating and air conditioning may not seem like much of a priority. You have more than enough to worry about, right? Still, it’s surprising just how much of a difference an upgraded HVAC system can make for a home you’re looking to sell.

Make Sure the HVAC Looks Up to Date

Having an updated, efficient HVAC system is a huge asset, but it also needs to look the part. If you have an impressive system but your thermostat is one of the older, basic dial versions, you might turn potential buyers away. A smart thermostat can save on energy costs by allowing you to set a schedule ahead of time. You won't need to pay for heating or cooling an empty house, but the benefits continue after you decide to sell. A digital thermostat is more impressive and can make your HVAC system look better.

If the AC or Heating Unit Is Too Old, Replace It

If the unit is older than ten years, an upgrade might be a good idea. Everyone, home buyers included, knows that air conditioners and furnaces don't last forever. If they look at your system and decide it's in need of a replacement, they might have second thoughts about purchasing your house.

It’s Never Too Late for HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance provided by a good HVAC technician will keep your system running more smoothly and efficiently. This option makes a great deal of sense for people who might not have the newest system, but who don't want their HVAC situation to drive away prospective home buyers. A well-maintained system looks better and might give you the edge you need to make the sale.

Regardless of the type of upgrade you’re looking into, you’ll find your solution with Morelli! At Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re dedicated to providing excellent services at reasonable prices. For more information about how we can help with your heating and air conditioning system, contact us now!


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