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Is Your HVAC Unit An Open Door for Pests?


Poor-functioning heating and air conditioning equipment can do more than blow your budget. Shifted or damaged equipment leaves gaps in your home's protection. Electric pulses from damaged wires and built-up condensation both act as a beacon to ants and other pests. Once in your home, they can clog your units, causing service disruption - and a nasty mess!

Ants in the AC Contactor

Over time, heavy winds and rains can move components of your outdoor AC equipment out of place. When this happens, the electronic components of your system can attract pests. For instance, ants, earwigs and cockroaches are commonly attracted to the contactor switch on your exterior AC unit.

While this sounds more disgusting than dangerous, they come in high enough numbers to disrupt your service. Worse, the solution usually calls for contactor replacement. In these situations, having your technician install a closed-style contactor and using adequate caulking to fill the gaps can be all you need. But you need it quickly: serious and expensive problems can result from even the smallest ants.

Lace Bugs in the Drain Line

Moisture is infamous for drawing pests indoors. If you have a clogged drain line or drain pan, or a problem with condensation, you'll naturally attract pests. This is a compounding problem; as your home attracts more water-seeking bugs, those pests attract predators, which are pests too.

A technician can help diagnose the reason behind your moisture problems. Seasonal maintenance and related services can also help keep HVAC-hungry bugs at bay.

Make sure your heating and air conditioning isn’t an invitation to an infestation. Contact our team at Morelli HVAC for an inspection today.


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