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Hot Air About Some Cool Stuff. Learn how maintenance agreements can help you maintain healthy indoor air quality throughout the year.

3 Things You Need to Know About HVAC Troubleshooting

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When you run into HVAC issues, maintenance agreements will always represent the safest solution. Beyond that, there are other things worth keeping in mind when you’re considering the right course of action to take for troubleshooting your system. And remember: when in doubt, calling in a professional is the best idea. There’s no telling how deep an issue might go, and the last thing you want to do is make a problem worse by mistake.

Here are 3 things you need to know when it comes to HVAC troubleshooting:

1.Maintaining the System Means Keeping It Clean

Maintenance isn't just about making adjustments to certain parts of the system. It's also about keeping essential components safe from dirt buildup. If your outdoor unit has become overrun by leaves, dirt and shrubs, you could've unwittingly put a great deal of extra strain on it. Failing to keep debris away could mean needing to replace your condenser down the line, which is not a cheap or easy fix.

2.Air Filters are More Important to Maintenance than You Might Realize

If you're seeking to troubleshoot a system that hasn't been doing its job properly lately, and you've also noticed higher electrical bills, take a moment and think back to when you last changed your air filters. If you can't recall when you did it, or you're pretty sure you never did, you've already identified the source of the problem. Clogged filters make it hard for the system to do its job, and they can lead to the condenser freezing, meaning it will become incapable of actually cooling the air pushed out by the unit.

3.Leave HVAC Troubleshooting and Maintenance to the Professionals

No homeowner enjoys getting stuck with a sudden breakdown, and the need to pay for surprise repairs or replacements can be a heavy hit to the finances. At Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re more than familiar with these issues, which is why our maintenance agreements help you avoid them. We'll keep your system working at peak efficiency, and if there are any repairs needed, you'll get them done at a reduced cost. To learn more, don't hesitate to contact us online today.


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