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3 Quick HVAC Habits to Change This Week

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Just like all the other habits we have, our heating and air conditioning habits aren't always good. Sometimes they lead to us wasting energy (and money, by extension), or they can be harmful to the wellbeing of our HVAC systems. Given how expensive a new unit can be, you should avoid practices that shorten their lifespan or cause breakdowns at all costs. Read on for a look at some habits you should drop sooner rather than later.

Ignoring Outside HVAC Units

During the warmer months of the year, your outdoor unit can be on the receiving end of a great deal of "nature." Leaves, weeds, dirt, debris and general vegetation can pile onto and around it, which will clog the cooling fins and fan filter. This kind of buildup will wear your unit down much faster, and will also have a harmful effect on its efficiency. Keep the unit as clean as possible — you can use a gentle spray setting on your hose to wash off the dirt and grass you see on the coils.

Hiding Indoor HVAC Components

If you have an older unit that looks particularly ugly, don’t hide it away in shame! Firstly, judging its appearance makes you shallow (yes, we’re judging you). Beyond that, hiding components behind shrubs and plants will potentially block the ventilation. This can make units less effective and lead to a clogged condenser.

Being Overzealous with Your System’s Thermostat

When you walk in after a swelteringly hot day out in the sun, it might be tempting to push the thermostat to the max. But you should fight off the urge to lower the thermostat temperature too far. If you're comfortable at 75 degrees, don't go 5 degrees lower for the sake of being colder. This practice won't make the system work any faster, and it'll only serve to waste energy as it tries to reach the excessively low temperature.

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