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2 Reasons Why a Humidifier Is Your Secret Weapon This Winter


We’ve come a long way from the days when better energy efficiency meant being less comfortable! Now we have a number of tools and resources at our disposal. One that might not come immediately to mind is the humidifier, which puts moisture into our indoor air and keeps conditions comfortable when things get colder and drier, especially during the winter months. But how do humidifiers help us stay more efficient? And what else can they do for us?

Within Reason, More Moisture Keeps You Healthy and Energized

The dry air of winter can be uncomfortable, and if humidity levels are too low, there can be unwelcome viruses as well. Increasing humidity levels in the home can reduce the flu infections transmitted by airborne viruses. Not only does this help you avoid getting bogged down by illness, but more indoor humidity can even make your skin look better!

Humidifiers Can Reduce Energy Costs

How does a humidifier help you cut down on your consumption? By providing additional comfort! When the air is too dry, you’ll feel colder, which means more reliance on the heating system to provide the warmth you need. But with increased humidity, the air will feel warmer and more pleasant — translating to an easier workload for your HVAC system.

At Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, humidifiers are just one product we offer that can help you start saving on your utility costs. Our team of technicians is proud to help you stay comfortable while using less energy. To learn more about our energy efficiency services, connect with us online today!


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