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How You Know It’s Time to Upgrade Your Thermostat


Does your heating and air conditioning system need a new thermostat? It could be well past time for an upgrade. How can you tell? Take a look at the signs showing you it’s time to upgrade your thermostat:

#1: Inconsistent Heating and Cooling

One of the first signs of an outdated thermostat is inconsistent heating and cooling. Sometimes it can be an issue with the HVAC system itself, but more times than not it’s the thermostat that’s to blame. When your system is running right, but you can’t keep the temperature where you want it, take a look at upgrading to a new thermostat. Updated technology will help maintain your comfort level without worrying about setting and resetting it.

#2: The System Turns On and Off Frequently

When you have frequent on-off cycles with your heat or AC, it could be a sign your thermostat isn’t keeping up. When it can’t accurately measure the temperature in your home, it can send the signal to the HVAC equipment that it’s time to turn on. Then again, when it thinks the temperature is where it should be, it will send a message that it needs to turn off. When this happens more than it should, it’s time to upgrade your thermostat.

#3: You’re Frustrated with Lack of Programming

If your old thermostat has just the basic functions, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. The latest technology allows for extensive programming options, Wi-Fi capabilities, and energy-saving options that can make your life easier, your home more comfortable, and your energy bills lower.

You don’t need to live with an outdated or malfunctioning thermostat. The team at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning can get you set up with the right upgrade for your home.


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