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How to Increase Your Energy Savings with a New Thermostat

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What if your home or business could stay perfectly comfortable year-round while also enjoying the kind of energy efficiency that keeps your utility bills in check? Your HVAC system could be performing better with the use of an energy efficient thermostat. A new thermostat could mean the difference between seeing skyrocketing energy bills and saving hundreds of dollars each year.

An Energy Efficient Solution for Your Home

Life gets so busy sometimes – and it’s easy to forget to set your thermostat at an energy-saving setting before you head out for the day – or even on a vacation. Your HVAC system doesn’t know nobody’s home, and just keeps chugging along to keep the temperature constant. That means you’re pumping hundreds of dollars into thin air!

A new thermostat can regulate your house and change the way you think about energy usage. With a digital or smart thermostat, you can take control of your home’s temperature and save money every month – all at the touch of a button.

Thermostat Tips for an Energy Efficient Summer

Here are some helpful tips that can make cooling your home a breeze this year.

  • Set your thermostat to cool the home just before you get home. You don’t need a cool home if you’re not around to enjoy all that cool air.
  • Close any blinds or curtains in rooms you don’t use. Keeping the hot sun out will help to lower the difference in temperature from outside to inside. The higher the difference, the more energy is used.
  • Use circulating air to help cool the room. Fans will help circulate cooler air to other parts of the room.
  • Consider getting a smart thermostat so you can adjust it even while you’re away at work or on vacation – or even once you’re already tucked into bed and don’t feel like trudging to the hallway to do it in person.

You might not be aware just how much money you could be saving through the use of a new thermostat. Take advantage before this year’s hotter season arrives. Ask the professionals at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. about having a new thermostat installed now.


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