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How Can I Save Money on My Home's Heating Costs Next Year?

Consider the benefits green energy has to offer your home and your utility bills!

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Are you ready for 2016 to be the year your home becomes more green energy efficient? This year, forget making a typical New Year’s resolution; instead, make an energy efficiency resolution. Resolve to try one or more of the following tips for improving your home’s energy efficiency, and start seeing savings on your next energy bill:

  • Install and set a programmable thermostat. You could save an estimated 10 percent per year on heating and cooling costs by using a programmable thermostat, and by resetting it when you are asleep or away from home, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort.
  • Use sunlight to your advantage. The sun’s rays can contribute heat in the winter; you can take advantage of sunlight by opening your curtains during the day to allow the sun to naturally heat your home.
  • Choose energy-saving lighting. About 10 percent of the energy your home uses goes to lighting costs. By just replacing five of your home's most frequently used lights with energy-efficient ENERGY STAR bulbs, you could save $75 a year in energy costs.
  • Hire a professional to maintain your heating and cooling system. Arrange for annual maintenance with a qualified technician. This includes checking the airflow over the coil, testing for the correct fluid (refrigerant) level, checking the combustion process and heat exchanger are operating safely, and ensuring proper air-flow to each room. In addition, you should clean the air filters in your heating and cooling system once a month, and replace them regularly.

A professional energy audit gives you a thorough picture of where your home is losing energy and what you can do to save money. Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning can assess your home and help you to make the most of green energy in 2016. Click this link or call 843.554.8600 for a free consultation and an estimate on how you can begin your green energy journey with our team of experts at Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning.


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