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3 Habits for a Highly Efficient Heat Pump


If you’ve chosen a heat pump for your comfort needs, energy efficiency is already something with which you’re familiar. They use less energy because they move heat around instead of generating it, but you can take things a step further. To maximize your savings, you’ll need to maintain certain habits moving forward.

Save Energy with Insulation

Getting your home insulated, if it isn't already, is an important step. Your heat pump will only become more efficient if your house does a better job of retaining the heat inside. If you're already well-insulated, consider sealing up windows and doors you don’t use.

A Clean Pump Is an Efficient Pump

Whether it's the indoor or outdoor unit, keeping things clean is essential. Unless the outside unit is somewhere that is difficult to reach, you should always make cleaning it a priority. Debris can collect on it, which can create efficiency issues as the interior gets clogged by dirt and dust.

Don’t Waste Energy with Max Settings

Keeping the temperature settings on the lower end of the spectrum is a good practice for heat pumps. If you crank up the settings, you won’t speed up the heating process — you’ll only end up burning through more energy. You’ll also force the pump to work too hard, which will cause unwanted wear and tear on the unit.

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