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Hidden Causes of Indoor Air Pollution in an Office Building

The quality of an office building’s indoor air is an interesting subject; very few people are likely to acknowledge “good” air quality, but people notice when the indoor air quality is sub-standard.

A low air quality in the offices where people work every day is an environmental hazard, and can lead to increased risk of illness, ranging from mild allergies to more serious conditions such as Legionnaires’ Disease.

What Are Some Causes of Indoor Air Pollution?

  • Biological pollutants such as mold may be introduced to the office environment from a number of sources, including improper food storage and stagnant water in the office.
  • Chemical pollutants may stem from improper storage and emissions from everyday office products like copiers, furniture and carpeting.
  • Particles of dust and dirt may be brought in or produced by activities in an office building

How Can These Pollutants Be Prevented?

Nearly every office building has the potential to be exposed to these pollutants, but poor indoor air quality is not that common. Why is this?

The best way to ensure that an office building maintains good indoor air quality is to make sure that it is adequately ventilated. Schedule an air quality and ventilation inspection from the experts, Morelli Heating and Cooling, Inc. to make sure there aren’t hidden health risks present in your building.



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