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3 Ways to Prevent Your Heater from Drying Your Skin


When you think about your skin’s health, heating and air conditioning probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. However, your HVAC actually plays a pretty big role when it comes to dry skin. The following guidelines will help you stay comfortable this winter without sacrificing the moisture in your skin.

Don’t Use Hot Showers as a Second Heater

Who doesn’t love a hot shower? Although they feel great in the winter (until you shut off the water and start freezing), the steam and heat from a hot shower can dry your skin out a great deal, which makes it much worse when the heater in your home does its part afterward. Cutting down on the length of hot showers, or going with warm water instead, can help you stay moisturized.

Keep Hot Air In and Cold Air Out

Sealing up your home against air leaks will keep the dry wintry air outside from invading. Not only will this help your skin stay moisturized, but it will also help you save on energy costs! You could even tweak the thermostat settings to a cooler temperature since you’d be keeping more of your heated air indoors.

Combat HVAC Dryness with a Humidifier

Using a humidifier is a great way to stay comfortable during the winter months. It adds moisture to the air you heat (which is naturally drier), and also helps your indoor temperature feel more pleasant — allowing you to cut back on heating costs, since cooler air won’t feel quite as cold.

At Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer a range of services that include maintenance agreements as well as installations of HVAC components like humidifiers. To learn more about our heating and air conditioning services, reach out today!


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