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5 Ways Your Heater Could Be Affecting Your Energy Bill

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The winter is a tough time for homeowners. With temperatures at or around freezing, your HVAC system is working overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. When the temperatures drop, the energy bills typically do the opposite: skyrocket. What are some ways your heat could be affecting your energy bill and how can you prevent that? Find out now.

Paying to be Comfortable

The method in which your home is heated plays a major role in how expensive your energy bill is going to be. In the end, the biggest factor of how much you’ll pay month to month is you.

Thermostat- What you decide to set your thermostat to and when makes a big impact on how your heater will behave. The warmer you want your home to be, the harder your system is going to work.

Air Filters- If you’ve neglected to change your air filters, you could be causing big issues for your heating system.

Regular Maintenance- Having your heating system checked twice a year is an excellent way to ensure optimal energy efficiency and a low chance of breakdowns.

These Tips Can Help Lower Your Energy Bill:


  • A programmable thermostat can help control the temperatures in your home, even when you aren’t at home. They will control your main heat source and you won’t pay for extra energy costs while you’re away from home.
  • Checking your door seals and insulation will help keep the cold air from sneaking into your house and dropping the temperatures.
  • Keeping the heating system well-maintained with regular inspections will keep your energy costs down, too. Making sure everything is in working order will help you avoid costly repairs later.
  • Keeping your curtains and blinds open to add sunlight to your home during the cold months will help keep the house warm, too.
  • Use ceiling fans to help push the warm air that rises to the ceiling back down into the room. Simple flip the switch on the ceiling fan to do this

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