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How an Energy Audit Can Save You Money on Your Next Energy Bill

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Even small inefficiencies can lead to a dramatic increase in your energy bill. An energy audit can help you spot the little problems so you can address them and save money in the long-term. In fact, small changes can often affect your energy bill immediately and add up over time.

An energy audit allows homeowners to see where their home is losing energy (and money). It also suggests how to fix those problems. Standard inspection areas include:

  • Windows and doors
  • Appliances that may be using excess energy
  • Air ducts
  • Areas where insulation may be lacking 

Many energy companies will do a home energy audit free of charge. You can also pay a professional to do the audit, and it will generally cost around $300 to $500. DIY home inspections are also an option if your energy company does not offer a free inspection.

Inspections for HVAC Systems

Your heating and air conditioning systems are common sources of energy inefficiency, especially if routine maintenance is not performed regularly or if you have an older unit.

At Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., our team can inspect your unit to determine whether it costs you more money than it should due to inefficiencies. We can also address the problem immediately after the inspection if you would like.

Our peak performance maintenance program is also a good option if you want to do what you can to avoid a complete shutdown in the upcoming months. Contact us today for more information about how to keep your HVAC system efficient and functional.



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