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Cook Thanksgiving Dinner - Not Your House: 3 Tips to Staying Cool during Holiday Cooking


Learn three ways to boost energy efficiency when cooking Thanksgiving dinner for your family.

Energy efficiency will help you save hundreds of dollars every year. Thankfully, you can conserve energy even if you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a large crowd. Here are some tried and true tips to get you started:

Cook Early

Turning on the oven on a hot afternoon will cook your turkey and your house. Thankfully, you don’t have to bake your turkey right before dinner if you plan ahead. Bake early in the morning to avoid the heat. It’s quick and easy to reheat the turkey before serving it.

Use Fans to Give Your HVAC Unit a Boost

It’s great to have an energy efficient HVAC unit. However, you don’t want to have to run it in November. If your kitchen gets hot while cooking, turn on a fan. A fan will cool the air and help you get rid of strong odors. Place a tray of ice under the fan if it’s hotter than normal.

Watch out for the Sun – It’s More Efficient to Use Indoor Lighting

Natural light is great, but not on a hot day. Close curtains if you have a lot of windows in the kitchen and turn on a few lights instead. If you have LED lights, they’ll stay cooler and won’t use much power.

Is energy efficiency important to you? If so, Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning can help you consistently save money. We offer an array of energy efficient HVAC products at reasonable prices. Additionally, our certified technicians provide only the best maintenance and repair services. Contact Morelli today to learn more about the many options we offer to increase your energy efficiency.


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