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3 Reasons Your Commercial AC Is Blowing Hot Air


How do commercial services differ from residential when the AC is on the blitz?

Business owners need specialized HVAC commercial services to keep their buildings comfortable. Cool, pleasant environments have a positive impact on staff and clientele. Commercial maintenance plans help prevent problems before a breakdown, but no system is infallible. Dealing with a service interruption takes planning, preparation and a wealth of resources.

It's fairly common for the AC in a business or a home to stop blowing cold air. Be ready to react to the problem by educating yourself on the causes. Here are three reasons your commercial AC is blowing hot air:

1. The System Needs a Reset

It happens to the best of us. We have a bad day. Things don't go as planned. Thankfully, we're not all rooftop AC units. Once their triggers get tripped, they tend to stay that way until the whole system gets a reset. Check your owner's manual for instructions.

2. Failing Components

AC units for businesses are usually on the roof of the building or an adjacent slab. They're tough machines that work hard to regulate the temperature in structures of all sizes. During normal operation, parts go bad. They fail. They require replacement. When it comes to an AC blowing hot air, a sensor is likely the problem.

3. A Lack of Power

Power issues are to blame for the majority of residential HVAC interruptions, so it's no surprise they'd come into play when dealing with commercial units. Have your technician check the power source of your AC unit and the temperature control device. If working properly, it might be time to check the wiring inside the air conditioner to make sure current is flowing as it should.

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